Gas prices spiking in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware due to summer blend gasoline

No matter if you’re driving in the Philly Metro and beyond, South Jersey, or Delaware, drivers are getting hit hard at the pump.

"Oh my God they are outrageous," said Brittaney White, from Delaware. 

According to AAA, the average price per gallon of regular gas in Pennsylvania a month ago was $3.59, it’s now 16 cents more at $3.75.

"They are definitely outrageous, pretty high, used to be a lot cheaper, but can’t really do much about it," said Dillon Harding, from Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, in Delaware, it jumped 17 cents from $3.29 to $3.46.

"$3.00, $3.19 was kind of reasonable, now it’s just getting out of hand, it seems like once it’s getting warm outside the prices went up sky high," said White.

According to AAA, there are three major reasons behind why the increasing demand of gas is high, crude oil prices are high because of tensions overseas and in the Middle East, but the biggest factor is the changing in the blend of gas from the winter to a summer blend. 

"That switchover to summer blended gasoline is mandated by the EPA, reason being, this blend, which is more expensive to produce, helps cut down on what we used to call smog, that damaging exhaust fumes that go into the air, damage the ozone layer," said Jana Tidwell, of AAA Public Affairs.

AAA officials say this blend change and increase happens every year and tends to hopefully drop as we get closer to summer. 

"Gas prices are outrageous right now, it’s like, we are getting killed at the pump, I already got to pay insurance, it’s like when do I get a break on this thing," said Eric Pratt, from New Jersey.

For the time being, Pratt will not be getting a break at the pump, even in his hometown of New Jersey, the spot many travelers go to for cheaper gas.

"You’re breaking even coming over here trying to get gas now, but ayee to tell you the truth, I just got back from LA, gas prices are pretty okay here," said Pratt. 

AAA says to conserve gas, you should empty out your vehicle trunk, because the lighter the vehicle the less gas used and for drivers to drive the speed limit.