Getting Results: Rightful owners of photos found

UPDATE: A grandmother saw our story and called to say she created the photo displays 10 years ago. Pat Campbell tells FOX 29 her husband works for the restoration company which may explain how the pictures got mixed in. Joanne says she plans to send back the pictures to the family.

ORIGINAL STORY: Are you missing a treasure trove of cherished family photos? If so, a West Philadelphia woman wants your attention. She says a restoration company gave them to her by mistake after a fire at her home years ago.

The photos are labeled: Mairen Julliette Campbell, born February 5, 2008, weight, 7 pounds, one ounce, 19 inches long How they got into Joanne Mullarkey's hands--well--that's an interesting story.

"The whole hallway was engulfed in smoke and flames," she told FOX 29.

It was late at night, February 9, 2009 when an electrical fire in a second floor bedroom wrecked Joanne's West Philadelphia rowhome.

"The whole house had to be gutted. Top to bottom." "It was very traumatic. Very traumatic. We lost everything," she said.

Several months later, a restoration company hired by Joanne's insurer returned what could be saved--a few pieces of furniture and some family photos.

"They were damaged, but they were salvageable," Joanne said.

Among Joanne's pictures, were shots of little Mairen, but who is she?

"I mean it's her first Thanksgiving. It's her first Halloween! These are precious," Joanne said.

Joanne posted the pictures to Facebook so did her daughters, but no hits so far.

FOX 29 promised to show the photos in hopes someone with a connection to mom and dad will see them so the photos can be returned to their rightful owner.