Girl, 15, who ran off with sex offender thought she was pregnant

DETROIT, MI (FOX 2 WJBK)- The 15-year-old Center Line girl found in Tennessee with a 36-year old sex offender this week believed she was pregnant.

Discovered in Lebanon, Tennessee, the pair were planning on getting married.

"I hope he rots," said Toni Texas, the victim's mother. "Keep him away from all the other kids."

A criminal complaint just filed in federal court, revealed more details about their 5-month relationship.

Last Saturday the girl went to a Farmington Hills Knight's Inn to visit her biological mother and Tim Fulgenzi - a registered sex offender - who began dating her mother and then developed a relationship with the girl.

It didn't take long for her adopted mother Toni Texas, who the girl has lived with since she was an infant, to figure out where she was.

But by the time they called police, who went to check on them at the hotel, Fulgenzi and her daughter had taken off.

"Us as mothers, have to make sure even if kids are getting older you have to be on them about everything," Texas said. "Privacy issues, you never know who they are getting in contact with."

On Thursday investigators with the FBI and Farmington Hills police searched the area of southbound I-275 and Nine Mile looking for a cell phone the girl claims Fulgenzi tossed while they were walking down the highway, her family said.

The teen later admitted to police that Fulgenzi eventually broke into a house and stole a car they used to make their way to Tennessee.

Shortly after the manhunt began, Fulgenzi called police from a restaurant in Lebanon, claiming he wasn't with the underage girl. He said that he left her back at the hotel.

But Farmington Hills police was able to trace that call and sent in local police officer who brought him into custody.

"The healing starts with my daughter getting her through this, getting her the help she needs," Texas said.

Police are still searching for Fulgenzi's cell phone, but were able to confirm a lot of information through the victim, who recently texted she thought she was pregnant..

Fulgenzi acknowledged being the father, but her adopted mother assures us that was not the case.

"She's not pregnant, absolutely positively she is not pregnant," Texas said. "She's a child. It could have been something make-believe. Who knows what goes on in a child's mind, brainwashed by someone so much older than her."

The girl who is now recovering with her family, eventually admitted to the 5-month relationship that has now come to an end.

Fulgenzi will be transported back to Michigan where he will likely be headed to prison for the federal charges he is facing.

UPDATE: Federal charges were announced late Thursday afternoon. Fulgenzi is charged with transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and commission of an enumerated sex offense while required to register as a sex offender.