Girl with brain cancer uses Make-a-Wish to clean up trash at city parks

(FOX NEWS)- A young girl battling brain cancer in Kansas City used her Make-a-Wish to inspire a huge effort to make her city's parks more safe and beautiful.

A manager with the Make-a-Wish Foundation said Amelia Meyer could have wished for anything, but the eight-year-old said she wanted to clean up four parks.

"She could've wished to go to Disney, she could've wished to go on a cruise or go to Europe, and her wish was to take care of the world for the day," Haw said. "I just can't tell you how much I wish other children would be this much of an inspiration."

The city police and fire department, mayor, a soccer team and hundreds of volunteers turned out for the effort, helping Amelia pick up trash at Swope Park and other parks in the city.

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