Girl with rare genetic disorder and Great Dane have special relationship

An 11-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder that hinders her ability to walk has formed a bond with large Great Dane who has helped her mobility.

"Thank you to whoever invented Great Danes". That was Bella's comment as I tucked her into her bed that George warmed up...

Bella Burton has Morquio Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that attacks bone growth and makes walking difficult.

Guess it's a 2 video kinda day. Today is Bella and George's 6 month anniversary! I can't believe that they have been...

Her parents recently got her a 131-pound Great Dane named George, and now Bella no longer needs crutches or wheelchairs to get around.

This was a video from one of our first times at the hospital. Thought I would share the 2 so you can see how well they are doing together!

She is able to just hold onto George and the two walk around everywhere, like supermarkets, parking lots, and school hallways.

This is one of my favorite videos of these two monkeys.