Glassboro police investigate threat against fraternity houses in the borough

There's concern on a local college campus after a mysterious threat to fraternities. Police informed fraternity members at Rowan University but wouldn't say what kind of threat it is or who is behind it.

"What's scary about this though is that it's an anonymous threat so they have no idea of who is actually making these threats," said Matthew McCann. He's a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and a student at Rowan University. McCann says Glassboro Police stopped by his fraternity house this afternoon with some unnerving news.

"All he said was there's an anonymous threat to all fraternities on campus. It wasn't actually directed to a specific one and the nature of the threat wasn't disclosed at all," he said. Police posted the warning on its Facebook page. It said "Out of an abundance of caution we're coordinating with other county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to evaluate the origin and nature of the threat". McCann says it was the topic of discussion in a chat room of different fraternity leaders. He's concerned.

"Honestly I kind of regret not going home because I still got finals to study for and honestly to have this going on is a lot more stress than I need right now," he said.

Ed Vamniel belongs to Tau Delta Phi and says police stopped by their frat house too.

"We're probably a little less concerned only because it's the end of the year. There's a lot of fraternities on this campus and we really don't know what the report could be so we have no major fear," he said. He and his frat brothers sat outside the frat house as they would any other Friday night. They'll continue things as normal until they hear more definitive information about the source and nature of the threat.

"There's always reports of things across the world that happen like that that could be threats or could be jokes and it's the world we live in," said Vamniel.

Glassboro's police chief said in an email the threat involves off campus houses within the borough and the investigation is ongoing.