Police: Glassboro public schools social media threat deemed not credible

A shelter-in-place order for Glassboro public schools has been lifted after a police investigation revealed a threat made against a school was not credible. 

Police issued the "cautionary shelter-in-place" order Thursday morning, saying they were conducting an active investigation.

Officials later clarified that social media posts alleging an active shooter at the school were not true and that no one was hurt. 

According to the Glassboro Police Department, the shelter-in-place was ordered to give officers the chance to investigate the credibility of the social media threat. 

"A short time ago, it was determined the threat originated in another state and there was no credible danger to our schools," police said. "Upon learning this, the shelter in place was lifted from all schools." 

No additional information was released by authorities.

"I’m gonna be honest, it’s just too much right now," one parent said.

"We all in there, yo! What’s going on? They are not telling us nothing!" a student exclaimed, after the incident was over.

"I just want the kids home, where I know they’re safe, because this is something that doesn’t happen, especially here, in Glassboro," parent Ivan Concepcion stated.

For parents and students, the morning was filled with angst, confusion and concern. "My anxiety was off the roof! It’s a shame that I had to find out through my son and my daughter and not the school until 45 minutes later," another parent commented.

But, while police investigated, parents like Concepcion awaited on any updates they could get. "Oh, this is my daughter, she is actually in the school right now. Hello," Concepcion said to his daughter, who was calling him. "What’s going on in there?"

"I don’t know. We’re just in a shelter-in-place," his daughter replied.

"Are you okay? Are you scared or anything?" he asked her.

"I was earlier!" she exclaimed.

"You were earlier? Okay, everything’s going to be okay, alright? As soon as they say we’re allowed to pick you up, we’ll pick you up, okay, and bring you home, okay?" Concepcion assured his daughter.