Gloucester City officials encourage safety precautions while trick-or-treating

With Halloween around the corner, towns across the region are weighing new guidance extended by the CDC that warns against classic fall activities like trick-or-treating.

Gloucester City officials on Wednesday said trick-or-treating will continue as planned, but urged those who participate to take proper health and safety precautions.

"Parents should decide if they feel it is safe enough for their children to participate in going door to door to collect candy. Likewise, neighbors should decide if they feel safe in distributing candy to those trick or treaters coming to their door," a statement from Mayor Daniel T. Spencer, Jr. and the Gloucester City Celebrations Committee read.

Officials say residents who do not wish to entertain trick-or-treating should leave their door closed and post a sign saying they are not participating.

Children and those accompanying them are encouraged to wear a CDC-approved face covering. Officials say those who are distributing candy should wear a face mask and gloves, and should use hand sanitizer frequently. If possible, city officials suggest residents leave a bowl at the end of their driveway or near their front door.

"We all love Halloween and want everyone to be safe and stay well during these unprecedented times as the pandemic coronavirus is still with us," officials said.


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