Good Samaritan honored for rescuing man from burning car in West Whiteland Township

Cell phone video shows of what could have turned out to be a deadly accident for the 53-year-old man trapped inside this smoking burning car. The victim is alive today because of the courageous rescue of Juan Manuel Pina.

"It's smoking in the front right. I start parking and I say my wife you call 911." Pina says he was driving his wife and three children to Exton Square Mall when he saw the car flipped on its side on the side of the road.

"It's no more people just one. One guy. I told the guy calm down. Calm down," recalled Pina. Finally, another man driving by stopped and helped Pina get the car door open and pull out the victim just seconds before the car burst into flames.

"The little explosion in the front of the car and it started a fire with the car," he said.

Another clip of cell phone video shows the victim safe outside the car talking to medics and police who arrived within minutes of the rescue.

It all happened on Pottstown Pike near Luther Lane in April of last year but just days ago West Whiteland Township Police honored Pina for his bravery. He's pictured with his 8-year-son, Jesus, who was with him when he was honored.

"We was taking pictures. The newspaper person was taking a picture of us," said Jesus. He said he watched nervously from the car as his dad helped with the rescue.

"I hope he doesn't get in the hospital (because it looked dangerous right?) Yeah. Yeah," he said.

Detective Scott Pezick says they determined the victim lost control coming around a curve. He says the man is also hearing impaired.

"I think it was very brave their first instinct was to get out of the car and help him right away. I don't think they stopped and thought. We see a lot of people stand and don't know what to do. They just went with instinct and got out and helped him," said Detective Pezick.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson spoke to the other Good-Samaritan on the phone Thursday evening. He was out of town Thursday and when police were giving out the awards. Police plan to honor him as well in an upcoming meeting.