Good Samaritans help rescue two children from a burning building

A group of Good Samaritans rescued two children by catching them as they jumped from the second story of a burning building.

One of the Good Samaritan called it one of the most terrifying moments of her life watching the two children choking back smoke and screaming for help.

The rescuer said the children were screaming in fear.

"She was like please help me. I don't want to die just catch me. I don't want to die," the woman recalled.

Although the woman who helped rescue the children did not want to be identified, she described her frantic attempts to help rescue a young girl and boy from the second floor of a building on fire in the 6300 block of rising sun Thursday morning.

"She jumped out the window. We caught her and the little boy came. He hit his head on the back but he was alright," said the rescuer.

The children were raced to a nearby hospital with their mother as firefighters gained control of the flames. Damage to the interior of the building was extensive.

Another woman who lived on the second floor with her daughter recounted the event.

"I started smelling smoke. I started getting scared because I was like where's the smoke coming from. I started getting my two cats. I got my daughter, ran downstairs," she said.

The fire was declared under control in just minutes. Firefighters say everyone got out of the burning building, but has since been declared an unsafe structure by L and I.