Gov. Wolf visits Kensington, discusses needed legislation to support efforts to curb increased overdoses

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was in Kensington Thursday to address the state's opioid epidemic, which has grown worse during the pandemic.   

At the Esperanza Health Center, the governor said he took a neighborhood tour with Senator Christine Tartaglione and was appalled by what he saw. 

"People are hurting and you can see that not just in a tour of Kensington, but you can see it in the statistics. There's a problem with opioid overdoses and we've got to face up to that," he said.

Wolf adds the state's overdose rate went down by 20% between 2017 and 2019, however, that progress has largely been erased by the pandemic. He also says he's not a believer when it comes to the safe injection sites that have been proposed in Philadelphia.

"Tragically, opioid-related deaths are not a new problem in Pennsylvania and the Kensington community we toured today has been particularly hard hit by this crisis," said Gov. Wolf. "Every death caused by an overdose is a tragedy. Each statistic represents our family members, loved ones, and neighbors. They deserve our help to get quality treatment and support. I am committed to fight for the people and communities harmed by the opioid epidemic and the disease of addiction."’




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