Governor Shapiro announces rollout of $266 million in property tax, rent rebates will begin July 1

Starting July 1st, Pennsylvania will send rebate checks to older and challenged residents as part of what Governor Josh Shapiro says is an expanded program to help them out.

Governor Shapiro rolled into the Upper Darby Senior Center Monday with elected officials by his side and his top money man in tow. State checks will soon flow to some seniors and the governor came to Delaware County to trumpet it.

When will the rebate checks begin to rollout?

"Starting on July first, which is Monday, we are sending out checks to hundreds of thousands of seniors all across Pennsylvania in property tax relief," said Gov. Shapiro.

Why are senior PA residents the target for the large tax cut? 

With an aging population, estimated to be the 5th oldest in the nation, keeping older, poorer Pennsylvanians in their homes is a growing challenge. 

Shapiro and the legislature have "pumped-up" the two-decade old Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program to include some 440,000 residents with a total of $260 million. 

How will this impact senior PA residents? 

Diane Henry is a senior living in Lansdowne with her son and granddaughter. "This will help me buy things for my house, my family living room--like a living room set and, ultimately, help me to support my family and pay our bills," said Henry.

Who is eligible and how much could you receive?

Residents 65 and older, widows and widowers 50 and older, and disabled people may receive a rebate of up to $1,000 based on their income. 

Senator Tim Kearney represents Upper Darby and the surrounding communities in the PA Senate. He says 4,000 of his constituents are eligible. 

Kearney said, "this program expansion is a big win for our seniors and cash-strapped neighbors. We’re fighting the leading cause of inflation with these rebates."

How do I apply to receive my rebate check? 

Residents have until the end of the year to apply and may do so at Department of Revenue District Offices or through their state legislator.

Dr. Monica Taylor leads the Delaware County Council. She said, "rising property taxes and rent can put a tremendous strain on fixed incomes, making it difficult to maintain their homes and independence."

Hopefully, the $266 Million in 2023 property tax and rent rebates will help many senior residents in need.