Grandparents, Father Search for Answers in Missing Teen Case

The relatives of a Gwinnett County missing teen drove from Michigan to Georgia to get answers. Grandfather Danny Knight and his wife believe their grandson is still alive.

Jaheem McGhee was last seen November 19th. Gwinnett County Police said the teen and three friends skipped school. According to McGhee's friends, the 14-year-old was swept away when the four were crossing the Yellow River, but Mr. Knight and his family question that story.

"We figure if we get here and if Jaheem is anywhere where he can hear us or know we are here, he would contact us. We think that he is still alive," Knight said.

The Michigan grandfather questions why McGhee's friends did not report his river fall until the next day.

"You are a friend and you wait 29 hours before you tell someone he is missing. That throws up a flag for us," Knight exclaimed.

Knight said he believes Jaheem is scared and cold somewhere and afraid to come forward because he may be in trouble for skipping school.

"He knows we wouldn't approve at all of him skipping school or doing anything out of the ordinary that he shouldn't have been doing." Knight lamented.

Gwinnett County Police said they consider McGhee's disappearance as a missing person's case. They are asking anyone with information to give them a call.