Green is the hot color at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

The 20th annual Philadelphia Tattoo Convention is the world's largest traveling exhibition of live tattoo art and curiosities.

Folks turned out hundreds deep, wrapping around the Convention Center. Many people turned out for an opportunity to get an Eagles tattoo.

Inside the Convention Center, people were getting Eagles tattoos in all shapes and sizes with green as the hot color. Some people specially designed Super Bowl LII memorabilia tattoos. Other popular tattoos were parade inspired.

Some tattoo artists were getting orders before the Super Bowl was over. Once the game ended and after the parade happened, the orders for Eagles tattoos just surged.

One tattoo artist explained that his email inbox was overflowing with orders, with bookings for the next three months. A gentleman described his new tattoo design as Jason Kelce wearing the Mummers costume and eating pork roll and scrapple.

It doesn't get more Philly than that, does it?