Grieving parents seek answers in circumstances of son's death in Bridesburg

Grieving parents in search of answers after their teenage son crashed his motor scooter into a tractor-trailer. The family has questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

15-year-old Ryan Miller died Tuesday night. His family is looking for answers and information after several surveillance videos surfaced that apparently show the teen being followed by two cars, one of them a police SUV, minutes before he crashed into the tractor-trailer.

"I saw a police SUV chasing a kid on a scooter down the street. He cut in front of him to try to get him to stop. They were almost at a stop. The kid made a U-turn and then went down Kennedy and then he disappeared," a witness told FOX 29.

The witness did not want to be identified on-camera, but he told FOX 29 what he told police after learning 15-year-old Ryan Miller crashed his motor scooter into the tractor-trailer on Tacony Street Tuesday.

"There was the scooter, a silver car. I don't know who that was. And, the police SUV at a high rate of speed," the witness explained.

The teen's family, distraught over their son's death, say people in the neighborhood started sharing surveillance video and that left them wondering what happened to Ryan.

"They shouldn't have been chasing him. They didn't have no lights on. Nothing. No sirens, no lights. Nothing," said Donna Miller, Ryan's mother.

Donna and her husband Neal say they've watched the surveillance videos and they say it was very upsetting.

"It doesn't show the crash, but it shows the chase. A lot of it," Neal Miller said. "Witnesses say it was almost a six minute chase around the blocks like, come on, are they serious? For a kid on a scooter?"

"That was the last time I got to see my son alive," Donna added.

Ryan's family and friends gathered for a memorial near the crash site Saturday.

The Pennsylvania state laws regarding motorized scooters say drivers need to be 16, depending on the type of scooter and engine size. Enforcement varies in different cities.

Regardless, Ryan's family is hoping to get more answers about his death.

"The cop still hasn't gotten in touch with me," Neal added.

FOX 29 reached out to Philadelphia police to ask if Ryan was being chased. There was no comment except the crash has been referred to AID, the accident investigation division.