Gunman, would-be car burglar charged in Morrisville shooting

Authorities in Bucks County have charged a man two men in an incident that sent one of them to the hospital early Thursday morning.

According to investigators, Baishaun Jones observed a man trying to enter his car outside his Morrisville home around 4:30 a.m.

Police say Jones gave chase to the suspect, Joshua Dennis, as both men got into separate vehicles and drove off. Jones allegedly fired shots at the vehicle being operated by Dennis in an attempt to flatten his tires.

When Dennis crashed as he turned a corner onto Bridge Street, both men exited their vehicles, and surveillance video shows Jones drawing his gun, firing at Dennis. Authorities say Dennis was not armed, and "was not presently engaged in committing a crime but was fleeing under circumstances which gave no indication that he posed an immediate threat either to Mr. Jones or to others in the community."

Dennis was struck one time in the elbow and was later taken into custody by police. Jones was also apprehended and questioned before eventually being released.

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Friday authorities announced Jones would be charged with aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person.

Dennis has been charged with of receiving stolen property, unauthorized use of an automobile, loitering and prowling at nighttime and attempted theft from an automobile.

Police say Jones' 9mm handgun was lawfully purchased and he had a license to carry it.

"Because of the recent widely publicized and entirely justified actions of a local Pharmacist in killing an armed robber, I want to make absolutely clear some of the limits on the permissible use by citizens of lawfully owned firearms for protection their persons, physical property, families, and homes or places of business," District Attorney David Heckler explained.