Gym teacher designs adapted class for students with disabilities

Teachers go above and beyond to find new ways to inspire students and one teacher at Ferderbar Elementary School is doing just that. 

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

“It is kind of like Legos they kind of fit it to where it works.” Physical Education teacher Ferris Kelly is talking about his latest project that helps students in his adapted gym class.

“I don’t consider myself very inventive or creative. I like to see an idea then try to put it into practice.” Kelly explains. 

He found most of his ideas on Twitter. The adapted gym class started back in September. A class designed to enhance the gym class experience for students with physical disabilities.  Will and Ryder love to participate.

“It is why I do my job. You never know when those smiles are going to come out. They come at different times, but just to see them as happy as they can get Ryder or Will their smile lights up the room," he explained. 

Mr. Kelly calls one the kicker, which is put together with a few PVC pipes. It's sturdy enough for Ryder to score a goal on a soccer net as Will tries to knock down foam pins with a huge beach ball made with rope and clothespin.

Principal Andre Modica loves his work.

“What I like about him is not only how he connects with the kids but he makes Phys. Ed more than just running around and catching a ball," he said.


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