Health officials warn of possible measles exposure at Philadelphia International Airport

Health officials are warning specific travelers at Philadelphia International Airport of a possible measles exposure that they say is unrelated to the recent local outbreak

Health officials issued the warning for travelers and others who were in the Federal Inspection Area at Terminal A West last Friday from 2:50 p.m. to 6:00 p,m.

"The individual with measles was traveling through the airport and is unrelated to the recent measles case from Philadelphia," Health officials said in a release Monday.

Measles, according to health experts, is a "highly contagious virus" that can spread to others through direct contact with respiratory droplets or airborne droplets.

"We believe there is no threat to the general public associated with this case of measles," Dr. Landrus Burress said. "We encourage people who were possibly exposed to take action if they are not protected against measles."

Health experts strongly suggest that unprotected people who may have been exposed to measles should get the MMR vaccine. Those born before 1957, those who have already had measles and those who received two doses of the MMR vaccine are considered immune.