Healthcare professionals address COVID-19 pandemic in black community

A virtual town hall was broadcasted on the radio and live-streamed on Facebook Wednesday night.

"Street Talk is what you're listening to on Power 99 and WDAS-FM Stage of the Emergency COVID-19- in the Urban Community."

A panel of medical and healthcare professionals along with Councilman Kenyatta Johnson trying to encourage the black community to take action against the coronavirus.

"Oftentimes when people do not have the proper information they will make poor choices," said Councilman Johnson.


Healthcare professionals urged listeners to do what is within their control to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"The healthier you are if you are exposed to the virus the less likely you are to suffer a serious consequence,” said Dr. Safiyya Shabazz of Fountain Medical Associates. She start with a routine.

"If you're out and working come in and have a routine where you decontaminate, shower, take those clothes and keep them separately so you minimize the risk of bringing that infection into your home,” she said. And of course, social distancing.

"As much as you can to really limit your interactions. Any unnecessary contact with other people," said Dr. Shabazz.

The panel also addressed the conspiracy theories circulating particularly on social media about how the virus may have started.

"The reality is the virus is here right now, however it came to get here. And these are the only mitigation strategies we have to reduce the transmission," said Dr. Ala Stanford of R.E.A.L. Concierge Medicine. Earlier in the day Dr. Stanford held a free testing clinic at Pinn Memorial Baptist Church in West Philly where they tested more than 300 people, including Arnita DeShields.

"I want to know at some point will everyone be tested because I think everyone should be. If some people are showing symptoms and some people are not and still coming up with the diagnosis," said DeShields.


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