HEARTBREAKING PHOTO: Dog Struggles to Stay Afloat Before Flood Rescue

(FOX NEWS) A heartbreaking photo shows a dog struggling to keep her head above floodwaters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The photo was taken by Josh Pettit and shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Pettit was in the city when torrential rain hit, flooding thousands of homes and prompting thousands of water rescues.

"Out the corner of my eyes I seen a bush shaking!" Pettit wrote along with the photo. "This is all I saw! Eyes and nose barely above water. She could barely tread water anymore she was so worn out and had the saddest eyes I ever seen, so scared for her life! We saved her and she came laid her head on my lap and cried and moaned like a big baby! She was thanking me. I thank God for letting me notice her."

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