Heavy downpours bring more flooding issues to area

Storms brought heavy downpours Friday night leading to more flooding issues on the already saturated ground as the area tries to recover from Tropical Storm Isaias.

Lisa Finley's family including her two little ones spent their Friday night out of their apartment once again as floodwaters swirled around their apartment building on Lenni Road in Aston.

Firefighters helped a woman climb out of the building to safety along with her pet dog. A happy reunion but just three days after these families cleaned up from Tropical Storm Isaias.

"Around 6:30 I got home and by 7 o'clock that was flooded all over again. We just got done cleaning up," Finely said.

Emma Coleman gave FOX 29 video of the raging floodwaters turning into a miniature waterfall in backyards off of Blackthorne Lane. On Weir Road, neighbors say they had to pull a driver out of a car to safety during flash flooding.

"We just cleaned everything out the other day for that big rain we had and we lost a bunch a bags of cement. There was a foot and a half of water in the shop. It was crazy and now we're going to have to do it all again," Mike Arthur said.

Arthur works in a masonry shop on Weir Road. He says the owner had the shop for 10 years now and never experienced anything like this.


Flash Flood Watch remains in effect for region


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