Heavy thunderstorm catch some unprepared

The rain came down in buckets Saturday night.

It was a washout of a night, no matter where in the Delaware Valley.

A twilight storm swept into Chester and Delaware Counties May 12. Paula Walsh was enjoying the summer like temperatures, like so many, and was unprepared for the sudden downpour.

"Feel how wet I am. I'm soaked. Yes," said Walsh. "It's big drops, not little drops and it's real quick."

Down spouts were overwhelmed.

A viewer from western Chester County found hail in her backyard. The heavy rain soon followed, along with cracks of thunder and lightning.

"We just came out here to go to dinner and it was crazy. The lightning is insane," said one woman caught in the storm.

Those caught outside found themselves sprinting for shelter, like 7-year-old Sean and his dad.

"It was really soaky and I thought it was going to be sunny out and I was wearing shorts, so yeah," Sean explained.

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