Hidden camera catches dad busting out rad dance moves

A video revealing what a husband really gets up to while babysitting is quickly going viral and it's all because of his… dance moves?

The man's wife, known only as Rejuena, from the United States according to Daily Mail, set up a hidden camera so she could capture cute, candid moments from her young children.

Daily Mail reports that she intended to send the clips to the children's grandmother.

However, her camera captured something unexpected.

While babysitting, Rejuena's husband, who is not named, can be seen holding pom poms, dancing to Katy Perry's song E.T., and miming the words perfectly to his excited children.

The video was uploaded to Rumble by user TheRealMJ just 2 days ago and has already amassed more than one million views.

Watch the adorable video below.

Source: Mom finds out how Dad watches the kids by TheRealMJ on Rumble