Highway Patrol officer struck by vehicle remains in critical but stable condition

The Philadelphia Highway Patrol Officer who was struck by a vehicle on the 3100 block of Rhawn Street in Holme Circle on Thursday night remains in critical condition but stable condition.

Officer Andy Chan was riding his motorcycle on his way to work when he was involved in a crash with a mini-van driven by a 72-year-old man.

Authorities say Officer Andy Chan sustained a "significant head injury." Chan is 48 years old and is a 24-year veteran of Highway Patrol. He is married with three children.

Officer Chan was taken to Jefferson Torresdale and underwent emergency surgery upon arrival.

As of Friday morning, Officer Chan remains under close watch by medical personnel.

"I just spoke to the trauma surgeon and she said the next 72 hours are critical for Andy for any," said Commissioner Ross. "They will be doing "aggressive monitoring and that's literally minute-by-minute."

Commissioner Ross said that 150 of Officer Chan's comrades held vigil last night, and many stayed overnight at the trauma center.

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