Hillary Clinton speaks in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) "We pray for those families and for the souls of everyone we lost this week and in all the weeks preceding this week," said presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. She drew praise and standing ovations throughout her speech this evening during the African Methodist Episcopal convention in Center City. She talked about the lives lost at the hands of police this week in Baton Rouge and Minnesota and the police officers fatally ambushed in Dallas last night.

"For Alton Sterling's grieving children, for the 4-year old girl who bravely comforted her mother while Philando Castille died in front of them. For the families of those police officers who live everyday with the fear that something like this could happen and we will always be proud of their service and sacrifice," said Clinton.

Some members of the AME church say Clinton hit the mark on concerns in the black community.

"It's just eronious that we're being treated like second class citizens, shot, murdered and killed so it's a really trying time for us," said Traci Blalock-Phillips attending the convention from Michigan.

"Our young boys have been the target really and it seems as though it's out of control," said Carl Davis attending the convention from Texas. He says gun violence is running rampant. Davis was also relieved to hear Clinton recall the nine people murdered in an AME church in South Carolina a year ago.

"That's still a hurting place in our heart because we open our church home to people of all races," said Davis. Others wanted to hear her layout a plan for keeping all races say from gun violence.

"The violence needs to stop. We are all one that's what I think about it. We are all one whether we're black, white, yellow or green," said Kathy Fletcher from Arkansas.