Homeless Brothers Land Apartment After Kind-Hearted Cop Paid For Their Hotel Stay

Two homeless boys who made headlines when a kind-hearted deputy paid for them to stay in a hotel got another surprise when he found them a new apartment.

"We love it!" Zaire and his younger brother, Shawn told their mom as they checked out their new apartment.

The brothers are happy to have a decent place to live because just one week ago, they were found sleeping in the lobby of the local sheriff's department in Hamilton, Ohio. The photo of them went viral, shocking America.

Their mom, Tierra Gray, said that she had been down on her luck.

"This was my last option. It's not a place that I would have imagined coming," she told INSIDE EDITION. "But it's a place where my kids could at least sleep for a night."

Their luck was about to change--thanks to the kind-hearted Deputy Sheriff, Brian Bussell.

"The kids shouldn't be sleeping in a jail lobby, or under a bridge," he told INSIDE EDITION.

He called a homeless shelter - but there was no room. So out of his own pocket, Deputy Bussell checked them into a local Comfort Inn. He also took them to Walmart, where they got new shoes and clothes, all paid for by Bussell.

Then he really went way beyond the call of duty: he found the family a new home.

"It's nice. It's a nice feeling. They're happier than what they were a week ago. It's worth it," Bussell said.

"I'm grateful, I mean, really, extremely grateful," Tierra told him.