Houston flooding leads to rescues, six more inches expected

Dramatic scenes out of Houston where the flooding is so bad, cars and even a bus became trapped in deep water.

That bus driver had to be helped out and it doesn't look like he was the only person inside.

A quick-moving storm system prompted warnings for tornadoes and flash floods.

Unfortunately, the forecast is for more thunderstorms and the rain could be so heavy, six inches could fall.

The National Weather Service is urging people to stay off the roads. For those not listening, several roads already had to be closed. Also, the city's transit agency suspended service on some lines.

More street flooding is likely since the rain didn't just start. It's still coming after two days' worth saturated the ground.

Monday, a powerful storm system unleashed strong winds and torrential rains across much of Texas, knocking out power, damaging homes and flooding streets.