Houston nurse who tried to help Takeoff speaks about the tragic shooting

More people are sharing their stories with FOX 26 about the fatal shooting of Migos rapper Takeoff.

A Houston nurse heard the gunshots from the 810 Billiards and Bowling entrance early Tuesday morning. She and her neighbors stepped out on their balconies as the tragedy unfolded not too far away. 

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"I was scared, but I had to go," said the woman who chose to remain anonymous. "I could not have lived with myself if I knew I had the equipment to save his life and I didn't act on it." 

Within minutes, the nurse ran towards the scene and screamed, "I’m a nurse!" while approaching the scene. People directed her to where Takeoff was on the ground – she first heard a man, later identified as Takeoff’s uncle and bandmate Quavo, screaming.

"I thought that’s the victim, he's down," she said. "But when I got there, I looked at him (Takeoff)...his head was up, and his eyes were rolled back, fixed. I checked his pulse, his carotid pulse...the uncle was very distraught. After I told him, ‘no,’ I started crying, and he grabbed me, and he was like, ‘please,’ and I started bawling."

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Since the fatal shooting, many comments have been made on social media questioning her medical response to the famed rapper – wondering why she didn’t perform CPR. 

"That would have not been appropriate, especially with a gunshot wound," said the nurse with 30 years of experience. "You would never do CPR because then you would be circulating the blood…the blood would go right out. The first thing to do is put pressure on the wound."

The woman said she did not realize who the victim was until she spoke to her daughter later that morning. 

"This is not my son, but it still hurts me that it's somebody's son," she said. "And I'm digging for answers. I want to know." 


Although no suspects have been named, she’s confident that investigators will find the shooter through tips and possible surveillance video in that area. 

"I just want something good to come out of this," she said. "I want somebody to know that good people sometimes show up, just because."