How coronavirus is affecting dentists and orthodontists

The coronavirus is taking a major toll on dentists and orthodontists as many have been forced to stop practicing or adjust safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Segal typically sees anywhere between 60 to 100 patients a day.

"That's gonna have to be minimized significantly," he told FOX 29. "We definitely canceled 99 percent of our appointments."

The office is open for emergencies only and their business is already is taking a major hit. 


There will be no more tightly packed waiting areas, no more game room entertainment, and no more wide-open workspaces.

"We'll have barriers between every chair as well," Dr. Segal explained. "We are asking parents to stay in the car and allow children to come up," Dr. Segal explained. "Before they even come in we will set up a triage outside the door, a thermometer to check their temperature and a questionnaire."

Dr. Iyer added, "We may have to minimize staff in terms of how many are in the office at the same time, position people, floor stickers. It's a whole operation it's like landing planes now.

Fewer patients at a time will mean extended hours and staff will be broken into two teams in case someone on one team gets infected.


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