Hurricane Dorian: Brandywine SPCA helps evacuate 300+ animals from Carolina shelters

Brandywine Valley SPCA is working with the ASPCA and Wings of Rescue to transport hundreds of animals from Carolina shelters threatened by Hurricane Dorian.

As Hurricane Dorian continues to pummel the Bahamas, a Delaware Valley nonprofit is pitching in to help animals in need.

Brandywine Valley SPCA, in partnership with Wings of Rescue and ASPCA, helped evacuate nearly 200 animals from shelters in the Carolinas before the powerful Category 2 storm reached the United States.

The fleet of homeless pets arrived Tuesday on a Wings of Rescue flight from South Carolina. More than 150 other pets arrived through a Best Friends Animal Society land transport. also supported the group's evacuation effort by providing essential supplies for shelters in Dorian's path and those accepting animals from the transport.

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Wings of Rescue Hurricane Dorian

Wings of Rescue helped Brandywine Valley SPCA rescue hundreds of homeless pets from various Carolina shelters. (Wings of Rescue)


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ASPCA Hurricane Dorian rescue

Cats and dogs will be placed with shelters in the Northeast to be made available for adoption. (ASPCA)

“The animals are up for adoption now at shelters at risk of flooding,” the Brandywine Valley SPCA wrote in a Facebook post. “Moving them saves their lives and allows local resources to focus on local pets impacted by the storm.”

Brandywine Valley SPCA's Animal Rescue Center in Georgetown, Delaware, will act as its “hurricane hub.” From there, animals will be distributed among its shelter partners.

The shelter put out a call for donations and supplies as it accepts the deluge of animals into its care.

Those interested in donating to the Brandywine Valley SPCA can do so here. Supplies can also be donated by purchasing items on the shelter's Amazon Wish List.