Hyatt to require masks for guests at hotels in the Americas to help reduce spread of COVID-19

Hyatt, which operates more than 900 hotels across the world, announced Aug. 10 that it will be requiring guests at its hotels in the Americas to wear face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Guests will be required to wear face coverings in indoor public areas at Hyatt hotels, including bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and meeting and event spaces, the company said in a news release. Face coverings will also be required for guests while moving around in outdoor areas. Hyatt will also require its team members to continue wearing masks.

“Some guests may be exempt from this mandate, including but not limited to people with medical conditions, consuming food or beverages in restaurants, and children under the age of two years,” the company said.

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Hyatt added that guests who are not wearing face coverings will be asked to wear one, and that face masks will be made available to guests who do not have their own. Hyatt will also required that guests practice social distancing in indoor and outdoor public areas.

“This new policy comes at a pivotal time amidst the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and helps us care for the health and safety of our guests and colleagues,” said Mark Hoplamazian, president and CEO of Hyatt. “In an effort to enable safe travel, we support AHLA’s recently expanded Safe Stay initiative and traveler checklist that help us come together as an industry to promote clear guidelines, which for the foreseeable future include the wearing of face coverings in indoor public spaces and practicing social distancing throughout the hotel.”

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The company’s announcement follows similar moves made across the hospitality and travel industries regarding face masks and other preventative measures to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Hilton also requires that guests and team members wear face masks in its hotels. Major airlines, including American, Southwest and United, also have mask policies in place for travelers.

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Many states and localities have also implemented mask policies for their residents. California, for example, requires people in the state to wear a mask when outside of their home. Arizona does not have a statewide mask policy in place, but several of its cities and counties are requiring people to wear masks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that people wear a mask over their mouth and nose when in public, including during travel. The health agency provides more guidelines for traveling amid the pandemic on its website.