'I didn't see a knife:' Man who recorded viral video of shooting of Jacob Blake 'hopes he gets justice'

Cars were set on fire, windows were smashed and protesters clashed with officers in riot gear Sunday night, Aug. 23 over the wounding of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, hospitalized in serious condition after a police-involved shooting in Kenosha. In a widely seen cellphone video made by an onlooker, he was shot, apparently in the back, as he leaned into his SUV while his three children sat in the vehicle. Many on the block heard and saw those gunshots and the commotion. Others were made aware through that video that went viral. The man who recorded it said Monday it's what wasn't seen on camera that made him start rolling. 


Ray speaks with FOX6's Derica Williams about Kenosha police shooting video

"I just hope he gets justice," said Ray, who shot the video seen by millions.

Ray said the taping began shortly after an argument between two women unfolded. 

"He pulled up in his truck and he told his son to get in the car," said Ray. "Like, he didn't want nothing to do with the drama."

Kenosha police officers shot an individual after responding to domestic incident

Ray stepped away to use the bathroom, and just a few moments later...

"I came back to the window and I seen three officers wrestling him," said Ray. "When they were wrestling him, they had him in a headlock. One officer had him in a headlock. He was holding his arms. Another officer was punching him in his ribs. They got him on the car, and the female on the car, and the female officer tased. After she tased him, they wrestled him more to the back of the car."

Ray said he started recording as Blake walked around the car.


Scene of police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha

"I heard them telling him, 'Drop the knife' when I was recording, and looking, I didn't see a knife," said Ray. "I was looking at his hands. When they said, 'Drop the knife,' I didn't see one."

Then, the video shows Kenosha police unleashing multiple rounds on Blake. 


Jacob Blake

"My heart is broken," said Sheila Winters.

Those who know Blake were full of emotion after witnessing the shooting -- left looking for answers.

"Chaotic, just unexpected -- something that should have never escalated to this point," said Winters. "I'm praying that he makes it, just make it."

Flight for Life took Blake to a hospital in Milwaukee, where authorities said he's in serious condition.

A friend of the family sent us a link to a GoFundMe.com page, where the funds are meant for things like medical bills and legal representation. It had already reached more than $120,000 as of Monday afternoon.