'I'm your biggest fan': Local boy adds Bryce Harper to his Christmas wish list in viral TikTok

Santa's going to need to make a call to the bullpen. 

A local boy obsessed with Bryce Harper and the Phillies is hoping the Big Man can convince the Phillies' slugger to come to his school this holiday season. 

Chelsey Hoelz, a New Jersey mom, posted a TikTok video retelling the story of how her son Jace's Christmas wish list included all things Harper. 

"Bryce Harper shirt, Bryce Harper pants, Bryce Harper sweatpants, Bryce Harper shoes, Bryce Harper jersey," Chelsey says on the TikTok that now has more than 700k views. 

But just when Chelsey delivered the wish list to Santa, she said Jace asked to make one last All-Star-sized addition. 

"I just went into the house and I said to him, ‘I gave your list to Santa’ and he goes ‘I forgot to add something' and he said ‘Bryce Harper!’," Chelsey, recording herself in a car, said on the TikTok.

Jace excitedly told his mom that he wants "Bryce Harper to come to my school and hangout with me and my friends and my teacher."

Jace's lofty Christmas wish might look life a long shot, but if the Phillies run to the 2022 World Series taught us anything, it's to never count out a miracle. 

"I’m your biggest fan in the whole world," Jace said. "I want him to come to my classroom really bad!"