Innocent Victim Fighting For Life after Thieves Smash Car into SUV

CENTER CITY (WTXF) - A family is in the hospital after police say thieves slammed a stolen car into their SUV! One of the innocent victims is fighting for her life. Police say those suspects are in custody.

FOX 29's Dave Schratweiser reported live at Hahnemann University Hospital where the victims and the suspects were being treated.

This happened the scene on the Montgomery Drive off ramp from 76 after two suspects in a stolen car collided with this SUV just after 6pm on Wednesday.

"There's a civilian vehicle coming westbound on Belmont, officer reports seeing the vehicle disregard the stop sign , not even put the foot on the brake, he broadsides the other vehicle," Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker said.

The stolen Nissan Altima burst into flames as the two suspects bailed out and fled the scene.

"They fled onto the expressway, truck enforcement officer notified state police and they were able to apprehend two males on 76," Walker said.

The innocent victims of all this were rushed to Hahnemann Hospital with injuries from the crash. After the fleeing suspects were caught by state troopers, they too were taken to Hahnemann with injuries from the crash.

The poor victims here instead of going home with the families, they're spending time at a local hospital.

Police say the car was reported stolen from 7-11 on Welsh Road in Northeast Philadelphia earlier after the owner left the keys in the car while he went inside the store.

"Obviously around the holidays everybody's in a hurry but we don't want people to leave their keys in the car," Walker said.

There was no word on the extent of the injuries to the victims of this crash. Their car appeared to be totaled, their Thanksgiving plans interrupted, but police say this could have ended much differently.

"It's a very close call, there could have been a lot worse results," Walker said.