Is Your Child Ignoring Your Calls? This App Can Make Them Pick Up

(Inside Edition) This mother was so fed up with her teenage son not answering her calls or texts that she decided to do something about it.

Sharon Standifird, from Houston, Texas, developed an app that can shut down her son's phone called "Ignore No More."

Sharon told INSIDE EDITION in 2014: "My son was not happy when we developed this app because he knew we'd use it on him."

So, how does it work?

When kids don't answer their phones, the parent can remotely disable the child's phone so he or she can't text or play games. The child is forced to call the parent to get a password to unlock the phone.

It all started when Sharon, a school teacher and Iraq war veteran from Houston, couldn't reach her son Bradley.

The 17-year-old was busy playing video games and ignored his mom's calls. Sharon and her husband spent a year creating the app and tested it on Bradley, who couldn't figure out how to disable it.

Bradley told INSIDE EDITION: "I didn't like it."

He may not like it, but it worked. Bradley doesn't ignore his mom anymore.

The app is currently available for Android to Android devices. It also is available if a parent has an iPhone and child has an Android.

An iPhone to iPhone version of is currently being developed and according to their website it is "coming soon."