'It helps so much': Pennsylvania woman crafts custom sweatshirts for breast cancer patients in recovery

A breast cancer diagnosis turned a daughter's love for her mother and passion for sewing into a hobby that helps women recovering from the disease.

When Katelynn Devinney's mother was recovering from breast cancer she, like many other women, had to deal with the discomfort of drains and how to keep the cords comfortable under her clothing, so Katelynn came up with a plan. 

After a mastectomy in January doctors put drains in Patricia Fitt's chest to allow her body to get rid of excess fluid. 


"The drains will pull. They tug at your skin, they hurt," Patricia told FOX 29's Monica Evans. 

During recovery, Patricia says she was given a sweatshirt with pockets to put the drains in and wanted another one, but they were very expensive. Katelynn said the specially made sweatshirts could cost at least $70, which is an added expense for patients already facing costly bills for cancer treatments. 

Devinney pulled out her sewing machine and started Pockets of Hope, making sweatshirts with pockets to donate to breast cancer patients. Since February, Devinney said she has a list of 350 women from around the world. 

"This way it doesn't hurt. You can go outside nobody knows you've got them. Zip up the sweatshirt and you're on your way," Patricia said. "It just helps so much to have the freedom that these little jackets give you even around the house."

Anyone interested in a Pocket of Hope sweatshirt or donating one to someone recovering can contact Katelynn on Facebook by searching "Pocket of Hope."