DA: Man charged after opening fire on multiple Philadelphia officers in 'unprovoked' attack

Multiple police officers became the target of a man, who is now being charged with several counts of attempted murder, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

Keith Blount, 59, is accused of firing several ‘unprovoked’ shots at officers driving down the 3300 block of North 10th Street last week.

Authorities say Blount jumped out of a car before opening fire on the officers. Police say the officers radioed for backup and established a perimeter.

"Additional officers responded, and about a couple blocks up at the corner of North 10th and Westmoreland, officers arrived and did what they could to establish a perimeter," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at the scene Friday. "By this time the individual that had been sitting in his vehicle gets out of his vehicle and begins to shoot at the officers while on foot."

Four officers eventually returned fire, grazing the man in the head. He is expected to recover, according to the DA's office.


No officers were struck by gunfire, but police say a cruiser was struck twice.

"These officers were literally just driving up the street when he decided to start shooting at the officers and hit the officer's vehicle," Outlaw said.

Blount is charged with five counts of attempted murder and related offenses, and is being on $2.5 million bail with a mental health evaluation. The DA says more charges are possible.

Authorities also believe Blount may be connected to a shooting at a FedEx distribution center that happened hours earlier in nearby Tinicum Township.