'It's incredibly important': The push to vaccinate 18-29-year-olds is on

70 percent of Americans vaccinated, but with an asterisk. Because, right now, 70 percent of Americans 30 and older have had a shot, but young people are lagging.

"We’re not gonna get over the hump if we don’t vaccinate everyone," Dan Keashon stated.

That includes young adults, under the age 30. According to the CDC, only 38 percent of people ages 18-29 have at least one dose of the vaccine. At one clinic in Camden, only one person in that age range came out for a shot Tuesday evening, according to Camden County spokesperson Dan Keashen.

"I think there is some belief that they are invincible, that they won’t be impacted by COVID and we need to vaccinate them," Keashen went on.

"It’s not about protecting them, it’s that their willingness to put up with a little discomfort is serving the bigger community and the people in the community who don’t have the choice to get the vaccine," Educational Psychologist Dr. Kim Dean explained.

Dr. Dean said one issue is when society reopened, the messaging instantly softened.

"People can go anywhere without wearing masks and they don’t feel a sense of urgency," Dr. Dean added.

In April, Drexel University students spoke with FOX 29’s Jennifer Joyce regarding their campus requiring the vaccine for students by fall 2021.

"I’ll take my time with it. I’ve been okay for the past year, so I can hold out for a little longer," one student remarked.

Perhaps. Time will force the hand of college students who want to continue their education.

"As a behavioral psychologist, I’m a big fan of using incentives as a strategy for increasing percentage," Dr. Dean said.

Keashen said the county is using mobile clinics to reach and educate under-vaccinated groups.

"It’s incredibly important for our overall community, the health of our community and for us to get back to normal," Keashen commented.



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