'It's not impossible': Despite challenges, city leaders confident in stemming rampant gun violence

Less than a day after a teen was killed and four others were hurt in an ambush shooting that erupted after a high school football scrimmage, Philadelphia's top brass met with reporters to discuss the ongoing efforts to stem gun violence. 

According to the latest data provided by the Philadelphia Police Department, there have been more than 400 homicides in the city this year. That staggering figure follows a historically bloody 2021 in which 562 people were murdered, many by gun violence. 

The data paints a grim picture of the city's efforts to halt the flow of deadly violence. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney acknowledged challenges the city is facing to quell the killings, but confidently told reporters that all hope isn't lost. 


"It's not impossible, it's not hopeless, we're never going to give up," Kenney said. He called addressing the issue of gun violence as a "heavy lift," blaming the Pennsylvania state legislature for failing to tighten gun laws which undercuts the city's efforts. 

"What can stop the flow of people shooting is to stop the flow of guns and the state legislature needs to do something about it," Kenney said. "We’re trying to address the issues put police in the right spots-trying to keep it from happening in the first place."

The impromptu press conference came in response to a shooting that erupted near Roxborough High School following a joint football scrimmage. A 14-year-old boy was killed and four other teens were injured when police say several shooters got out of a vehicle and unleashed over 60 shots.

Roxborough High School canceled games this week as students and faculty process the tragic loss of life, but district leadership won't consider canceling after school events.