'It's very brazen': Police investigating rash of mailbox thefts in Upper Merion, King of Prussia

Authorities in Montgomery County are searching for an accused mailbox thief who allegedly stole parcels from drop boxes near a local post office and municipal building.

The Upper Merion Police Department said the brazen thefts happened early Tuesday morning, sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 2:40 a.m. 

Investigators believe "multiple actors" hit three different U.S. Postal Service mailboxes on 620 Allendale Road and 175 West Valley Road in nearby King of Prussia. 

The suspects, according to police, used a white Mercedes sedan with tinted windows and Delaware license plates. 


One of the suspect captured on video was seen wearing a multi-colored Polo hoodie and blue surgical mask, according to police. 

In one of the thefts, a dispatcher noticed someone in front of a township building, but they sped away in the Mercedes before police could catch him.

Chief Tom Nolan believes the mail-swipping thieves are in search of checks. Authorities believe the mail pick-up delay due to the holiday on Monday meant the drop boxes were filled.

"They’re changing the payer on that check through various means of the term washing the check and then changing the payer to someone else," Chief Nolan said. 

Meanwhile, residents in the Upper Merion community are weary of when they drop off their letters. 

"Unless I know that the mail is being picked up within an hour or two, I definitely wouldn't let it sit overnight," Beth Borkowski said.