Jersey shore under tropical storm watch

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) Hurricane Hermine may put a damper on Labor Day weekend plans down the shore. Hermine could bring waves as high as six feet along the coast. The Jersey shore is now under a tropical storm watch.


It was the calm before the storm on Thursday. The storm's impact on the east coast forced the ferry to trim it's weekend schedule.

Along the Washington Street Mall, the Muszka family from North Jersey are in town for a week. Unfortunately. the summer's last hurrah may be a soaker.

"We were looking forward to celebrating her birthday on Saturday. She's turning 9 and there's a huge storm coming in and we're bummed," Juliette Muszka told FOX 29.

Beach businesses like the Fudge Kitchen that count on Labor Day for their final big summer weekend don't know what to expect.

At the Ugly Mug, they've been pouring beers and serving food since 1949. No storm ever chased them away. In fact, this may be the place to be.

"Sometimes it works out in our favor. We get a lot of people who can't go to the beach who can't do anything but come out and get a bite to eat and have a good time," said Chris Baeringer.

Many municipalities are warning swimmers to be very careful this weekend. And if you live near the coast-emergency managers say make sure you have a storm evacuation plan at the ready.