'Jesus Bryce': Phillies fans rejoice as Harper mural pops up in Philadelphia ahead of World Series

Bryce Harper - a name that will go down in Philadelphia sports history.

The star right-fielder burst onto the Philly scene in 2019 with a 13-year $330 million contract, quickly become a fan-favorite and earning his paycheck with a game-clinching homer to claim the Phillies spot in the World Series.

"I hit the ball, and I just looked at my dugout and kind of it’s for all of them," Harper said. "It’s for this whole team. It’s for this whole organization."

Show Philadelphia love, and they'll show it right back. This time in their own unique way - a mural.


On Tuesday, a portrait Bryce Harper wearing his signature bandana popped up on side of Dougherty Electric Warehouse at 45 East Porter Street in South Philadelphia. It was painted by artist Joseph Dougherty. 

The mural was pained by 21-year-old LaSalle University student Joey Dougherty, who started painting wall art about five years ago but had recently been looking for inspiration. 

He joined thousands of Phillies fans on Broad Street when the Phillies punched their ticket to the World Series, and at that moment he knew exactly what to paint.

"I figured it just made sense, perfect time after Broad Street," Dougherty said. "It definitely did get me out of that artist block a little bit."

Dougherty left the Sunday night celebration to get to work on his massive mural and didn't finish until around dinnertime Tuesday.

"It was too right, I just had too much adrenaline, I figured it was the perfect time," Dougherty said. 

Fans were fast to react to the incredible painting, many deeming it a mural of "our savior Jesus Bryce."

No doubt this mural will be very busy in the days to come!

"It's just a fun time to be a Philly sports fan for sure," Dougherty said.