Joey Merlino faces chief accuser in Federal court

Mob boss Joey Merlino is on trial in a Federal courtroom in New York.

The 55--year-old is charged in a multi-million-dollar health care fraud scheme and off shore gambling.

He faced his chief accuser February 1, FBI informant J.R. Rubeo, armed with secretly recorded audio and video tapes.

"How's things? Good. How ya feeling? Good," Merlino told FOX 29's Dave Schratwieser.

Philadelphia mob boss Joey Merlino walked into a Federal court in lower Manhattan Thursday, bouncing back from heart problems and engaged in the fight of his life. Facing the FBI informant who's looking to take him down.

"Any comment on Rubeo yet? Nah, can't say nothing," Merlino said.

Merlino listened in court as J.R. Rubeo spent his second day on the stand guiding the jury through audio and video tapes documenting Merlino's alleged role in a big healthcare fraud scheme and off shore gambling activities.

"What do you think about the case so far? We got a good shot," Merlino stated.

Merlino's lawyer has told the jury Merlino was unaware that a multi-million-dollar compound pain cream operation he was involved in was illegal. Thursday, February 1, prosecutors played two dozen tape recorded conversations of Merlino and Rubeo in which Merlino can be heard saying he's dead broke and 'I wanna get paid.'.

"So far on Rubeo what do you think? No comment," Merlino said.

Rubeo, who's admitted he turned informant to stay out of prison after a drug arrest, wore a wire on Merlino, who he called "the little guy," for two years. Defense attorney Edwin Jacobs is itching to cross examine Rubeo about missteps by him and the FBI in this case.

"It's a trial. We're gonna try it in the courtroom, not in the media," said Edwin Jacobs.

Finally, Merlino had one last word on the Super Bowl.

"The game on Sunday. Eagles. Win outright," Merlino said.