Jury deliberations continue in Creato murder trial

Jurors will continue deliberations in the David Creato murder trial Tuesday.

The jury will spend part of the day reviewing testimony from a county detective and a cell phone expert.

Last Thursday, jurors watched Creato's interrogation video for a third time. The video was recorded on the same day his son, Brendan's body was found in October 2015.

Jurors also took a third listen to a 911 call in which Creato reported his 3-year-old son missing.

David 'DJ' Creato maintains his son, Brendan, wandered away from his Haddon Township home in October 2015. The boy's pajama-clad body was found hours later about a mile away.

Hours after Brendan disappeared, Creato had told police the boy had wandered away from his home. Brendon's position and clothes were studied at length.

Prosecutors say Creato had the motive to kill his son, because the boy had become an impediment to his relationship with a teenage girlfriend.

Creato's lawyer argued prosecutors didn't show he was guilty.