Video of 'sharks' swimming in Florida road during Tropical Storm Nicole goes viral

Video showing two fin-shaped objects being swept along by floodwater on Hutchinson Island, Florida, was captured by a local business owner as Hurricane Nicole approached the state on Wednesday.

Jordan Schwartz, who runs Ohana Surf Shop, recorded the video and posted it to social media. In the clip, Schwartz spots the fin-like objects and jokingly comments that they are a "couple of sharks" going across the flooded roadway, prompting laughter from another person in the car.

Residents were urged to evacuate the island by authorities as storm surges breached Florida’s east-central coast. In a separate video, Schwartz recorded more debris moving over the flooded roadway, including a kayak.

Schwartz told FOX 35 News that he believes the fin-like objects were debris from a staircase, but that it is still "up for debate." 


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Viewers took their best shot at guessing what they thought the shark-like objects are.

"No chance it’s a shark. It’s a staircase at best. That water is a few inches deep," one person commented. 

Another person guessed surfboards while someone else thinks it's an eagle ray. 

Nicole made landfall along the east coast of Florida as a Category 1 hurricane early Thursday just south of Vero Beach. The system has now been downgraded to a tropical depression.