KFC starts selling fried chicken skin

People looking to enjoy the taste of KFC's fried chicken skin can get the tasty skin without having to deal with all of that leftover chicken meat.

Various international locations are starting to sell bags of fried chicken skins. People have often joked about only wanting to eat the skin off of the famous fried chicken, and now KFC is making that dream a reality (for certain parts of the world).


The unusual menu item was first announced on the KFC Indonesia Twitter page. According to a translation of the post, the item was set to appear at six KFC locations in Indonesia; Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading.

Initially, it seemed as fried chicken skin would be added to the list of international fast food menu items limited to a single region. Then, several food blogs on Facebook announced that KFCs in Thailand were also carrying fried chicken skin. Based on replies to the posts, it appears that the item is available at locations in Bangkok.

Customers who had the chance to try to skins described it as “salty” and “different from what you’d expect,” The Sun reports. Apparently, many of the venues selling it have sold out due to high demand.

KFC previously introduced a similar item in the Philippines in February, when they added Cracklings to their menu.

While there’s no word on whether or not the fried chicken skins will come to locations worldwide, the company has been making updates to their menu. For Mother’s Day, they introduced a limited-time-only dessert biscuit. The Cinnabon Dessert Biscuit combines the classic KFC biscuit with a cinnamon and brown sugar glaze, as well as signature Cinnabon cream cheese frosting.