Kids think alligator near pool in Canada is fake

Animal control officers had to trap an alligator that snuck into a family's back yard pool area. It's a story many in Florida have heard before, but this time the location isn't as familiar.

The homeowner in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada says his daughters thought the five-foot gator was a toy dad put out to scare them. But the gator moved its foot and the girls realized their fear was warranted.

Walter Ertsinian told his two young daughters then had to convince him they weren't playing a prank; there really was an alligator on their back patio.

Ertsinan said he then had to explain to 911 operators he was not playing a prank on them and needed an Animal Control officer to come trap the reptile.

He took video of the angry gator being hauled off by the officer. No word on how many alligators they're called to trap there in Hamilton, Ontario, but probably not many.

Ertsinan says there's still no word on where the visitor may have come from, but he suspects it was being kept as a pet, but released when it got bigger than they could handle.

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