Krasner promotes transparency, accountability with new public data tool

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner's office launched a new online database Thursday in an effort to make the city's criminal justice system more transparent.

“The DAO Dashboard will offer data and statistics as part of our effort to replace fear-driven fictional narratives about crime and underserved communities with facts," District Attorney Krasner said. 

"The Dashboard will allow the public, independent experts, academics, journalists, and public safety partners to use the data we are providing to tell true stories about the wonderfully diverse but unequally treated communities in the City of Philadelphia."

The database will update facts and figures daily to reflect the work of law enforcement agencies around the city. All of the data on the site will be sortable by category, and all figures can be exported and shared.

In addition, the site will also help users understand the complexity of legal data and provide definitions about criminal justice terms.

The DAO Dashboard can be accessed here.

“The DAO Dashboard is a major first step toward radically resetting the traditional relationship between the criminal justice system and the public, so that there is more shared power, more shared decision-making, and greater accountability for those who have enormous authority over citizens’ freedom and lives,” District Attorney Krasner said.