Lacrosse players launch COVID-19 relief program

Local lacrosse players are stepping up to help those impact by the COVID-19 pandemic and those on the frontlines. They launched a relief program to give back to their community.

“We have a lot of great opportunities in the lacrosse world to succeed and to grow and I think it’s equally as important to know how to give back to our communities so both of these coaches have been really great role models in showing me how to give back and how to help other people,” Alex Aufiero, captain of the Conestoga girls' lacrosse team, told FOX 29.

We’ve all heard the phrase it takes a village so Alex along with Conestoga Coach Amy and Eyekonz Coach Jazz expanded that just a little and made it a Lacrosse Village.

 “The Lacrosse Village Initiative is a COVID relief program that the three of us started with the lacrosse coach at Shipley to provide relief for people affected by COVID-19," Alex explained.


They are used to competing but when it became clear that their fields would remain empty they saw an opportunity to unite with teens like Alex taking the lead.

 “One of the really cool parts is I’ve been on a ton of zoom calls with coaches from our rival schools and been able to talk to them in a different sense than competing.  Now, we can work together to do something better for the community," Alex added.

Look at the Lacrosse Village Instagram page and you see young people stepping up.  They’ve made, collected and donated thousands hygiene kits to the homeless and appreciation kits to frontline workers.

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