Watch: Florida students crash in school parking lot during 'incredibly reckless' stunt

A couple of Central Florida teens are facing disciplinary actions after they drove into a parked car on their high school campus during a reckless stunt. 

The video captures a group of teens gathered in the Lake Mary High School parking lot recording what appears to show an Infiniti car speeding through the parking lot. Tire marks can be seen on the ground, but school officials have not confirmed that the destruction came from this incident. 

The car, which is initially parked on the grass, takes off into the parking lot with one teen driving and another student sitting on the roof of the car. As the car picks up speed and rounds the corner of the school's parking lot, the teen makes a wide turn and ends up crashing into a parked SUV.  The impact of the collision causes the student sitting on the roof to slide down the front of the car who then runs away from the crash. 

Jeff Taub said his two sons were inside the car that was hit.  "Very upsetting, very frustrating," he said, "but the most important thing is the safety of my son and my other son and hopefully the school will instill some things."

While no one was seriously injured, Taub said one of his sons was taken to get checked out. "He’s alright," Taub said. "He’s in the hospital getting checked out. I know his head smacked right against the windshield."

The driver of the car seen speeding, an 18-year-old student, was detained and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said charges are pending. Even other students told FOX 35 they were concerned about safety.

"Honestly, I’m scared for my safety," said Amar Ahmetovic, a Lake Mary senior. "I really am. If this is going around like at my school parking lot, I don’t feel safe being here."

The Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition said this is exactly what they warn kids not to do.

"We’ve been at Lake Mary High School for the last two years doing outreach and education, bringing a traffic safety speaker," said Melissa Valido from the coalition. "They have a very engaged administration, so it was very troubling to see this video."

"Hopefully the school takes this seriously and outs in either some policies or more supervision so this doesn’t happen again to someone else’s son," Taub said.

Lake Mary High School officials sent a statement out to parents following the parking lot crash denouncing the behavior of the students involved. 

"Dear Ram Families and Students, I wanted to let you know about an incident in our parking lot that occurred a short while ago. It was brought to our attention that two students engaged in an incredibly reckless display of driving with one student driving a vehicle, and the other riding on top of the roof of that moving car. Not only was this incredibly dangerous for both parties, but also for those in or near the parking lot. The car crashed into another parked vehicle which subsequently damaged two other cars in the process. Law enforcement is on the scene and proper disciplinary actions are underway."

School officials also asked parents to talk to their children about the importance of driving safely on a school campus where others are close by. 

They said there are no previous issues of reckless driving on campus.